Sit back and let your plants & vegetables flourish with automatic PH, nutrient & water regulation.



Feed your plant directly from your phone with push alerts & real time monitoring.


  • Connect Wherever You Are

    Connect seamlessly to with our integrated app. Allowing you to monitor, feed, and maintain your plant on the go.

  • Automatic Adjustments

    Your artificial intelligence planter comes with optimized growth presets. Simply insert your plant, add your nutrients, and let it grow.

  • Optional Manual Mode

    For those of us that grew up with tamagotchis, manual mode allows you to take control of when your plant is fed and add custom growing modes.

  • Water Saving

    Through the water reservoir, your plant drinks as it needs water. Meaning you only have to refill ever 2-3 weeks via an app reminder.

  • Faster Growth

    In general, your plant will grow 2-3 times faster when paired with a GrowBot. This is due to a more efficient nutrient delivery system.

  • Outdoor & Indoor

    GrowBot is designed from the ground up to be versatile. Grow up to a 26" plant in your living room or porch.